Kia ora, my name is Graham Johnston.

Manawatū Youth Theatre (MYTH) has been ignited out of a love for theatre and the great advantages it offered me when I was young. I started on stage when I was about 7 or 8 in pantomimes under the direction of Manawatū theatre stalwarts such as Pat Snoxel, Audrey and Ron Osborne, Stephen Fisher and Gordon Alve to name a few. There were regular performance opportunities on the Opera House stage or at the Abbey or Globe Theatre where I got to work alongside experienced actors and technical crew. I continued on stage into my late teens (Les Miserables, Chess). When my voice decided to break, I used my knowledge of sound which I had learned through my father to continue my involvement, eventually moving into musical direction.

I wish to reignite those opportunities and create a performance home for youth that love theatre. As a father and a teacher (UCOL Music), I see every day the massive benefits in developing strong bonds and communities around the things that you love. But theatre is not just about being on stage, there are many people who get to showcase their skills from stage crew and management, lighting, sound, building, painting, costuming, the list goes on. MYTH operates a mentoring program throughout all of its productions to assist in the development of these skills, offering leadership and fostering emerging talents.

Offering a safe, fun and inclusive environment the focus is on delivering a high quality performance by showcasing the best of our skills and energy, all the while fostering young dreams and building a lifelong community.

So come along, be a part of something magical.

Graham Johnston – MYTH Director